What Do I Need To Know About Child Support In Canada?

Child Support

The responsibility of raising a child after divorce is one of the major concerns among parents. This is because family law is tricky. Knowing how much support and how long the payments will be made can only be explained professionally by a leading divorce lawyer in Toronto. An experienced lawyer understands the federal Child Support Guidelines (CSG). Thus he/she can give you a standardized framework on how to deal with child support.

How Is Child Support Conducted In Canada?

Any child is legally entitled to receive financial support from the parents. During a divorce, parents agree on the amount that will be allocated to child/children support. This agreement should be in a court order or a separation agreement. The court uses specific guidelines to determine the support payments. If you primarily live with your child, you’re entitled to receive monthly support payments from your former spouse. This is usually carried on until the child attains the age of majority. If the supporting parent remarries, the child support has to continue.

Calculating Child Support

The child support amount is calculated based on the state’s guidelines. In Canada the Child Support Guidelines are used to determine the amount to be paid. But these guidelines depend on the situation of each family. That is the annual income of the supporting parent and the number of children to which the payments apply. However, the court sometimes has limited liability for the child support orders than what is contained in the Child Support Guidelines if:

  • The payer is earning more than $150,000 per year
  • Where the child has become financially independent
  • Where parents share the custody of the child/children
  • Presence of undue hardship
  • Other existing arrangements for the benefit of the children, whether direct or indirect.

Additionally, if the child opts to marry or attains 16 years of age and willingly leaves the parent’s control, child support may come to an end. Child support must be paid if a child is under 18 years of age and is still depending on the parents.

Getting Guidance From Toronto Family Lawyer

The parent who is granted primary custody is the one who receives child support payments. This support may cover the basic needs, medical care, education costs, or other needs of the child. A family lawyer can make child support implementation must easier. That’s why it’s advisable to contact your family lawyer during your separation or divorce. The lawyer is there to advice on the rules or regulations that are used to enforce or comply with the child support orders. Again, the lawyer is capable of entering into negotiations on your behalf that will protect your interest during court proceedings. He/she will help you obtain the best child support measures for the best interest of your child. Hiring a lawyer will save you time and money as you streamline the child support case.