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At DivorceGo, we are a distinguished family law firm in Brampton, offering extensive legal expertise in a wide array of family-related issues. Our services in Brampton include handling both uncontested and contested divorces. We manage complex cases involving child custody, support adjustments, and property division, ensuring a fair and favorable outcome. Our Brampton divorce lawyer offers comprehensive support throughout your divorce process.

Our divorce lawyer, deeply knowledgeable about Ontario’s family law, has been effectively assisting families in Brampton and nearby areas for many years.

Each divorce case is handled with personal attention and professional expertise, guiding you towards a new beginning with care and clarity. Contact us for a free consultation and personalized legal support in your divorce journey.

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At DivorceGo, we understand the emotional and legal challenges of divorce. Whether initiating or responding to a divorce, having a skilled Brampton divorce lawyer is crucial. We cover everything, including paperwork and negotiations. Our services, reasonably priced and transparent, include managing contested and uncontested divorces, separation agreements, and comprehensive family law issues.

We invite our clients for a free consultation with our seasoned Brampton divorce and family lawyers. Our expertise covers all aspects of family law. We’re committed to protecting your interests effectively and affordably. We pride ourselves on prioritizing our clients’ needs, ensuring dedicated and reliable legal support.

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OmG i cant thank Christine and her team more for my case which seemed impossible for me to take place, and I tried many years, and it was made possible... read more

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They were the 2ns firm that I went to. The first want was not able to do anything about my case. In fact, the divorce got rejected by the court.... read more

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It was an easy, smooth process that I think is very important, because going through divorce is stressful enough emotionally. , mentally and financially. But the team from Bluetown Law... read more

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Looking at Divorce Options in Brampton?

Uncontested Divorce Process in Brampton

The uncontested divorce process in Brampton typically involves a straightforward procedure where both parties agree on all major issues related to their divorce, such as asset division, child custody, and spousal support.

  • File Application: Start by filing a divorce application with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.
  • Serve Spouse: Serve a copy of the application to the spouse.
  • No Response, Assumed Consent: If there’s no response from the spouse, the court assumes agreement.
  • File Affidavit: With the help of a divorce lawyer in Brampton, submit an affidavit confirming the spouse was served.
  • Judge’s Review: In divorce-only claims, the judge reviews affidavit evidence and may grant the divorce.
  • Court Order & Certificate: Court orders are mailed post-grant. For remarriage, request a divorce certificate.
  • Additional Claims Require Hearing: If there are extra claims in the application, an oral hearing might be necessary.

Contested Divorce Procedure in Brampton

In Brampton, the contested divorce process involves both parties filing court documents, usually with a divorce lawyer present:

  • Parties file court documents with their positions.
  • Case management process encourages settlement.
  • Many couples resolve issues during this process.
  • If not settled, the case goes to trial.
  • Judge issues a final divorce order.
  • Typically finalized within 31 days.

Licensed Family Lawyer in Brampton

At our law firm, your divorce documents prepared and reviewed by a licensed and insured Brampton family lawyer and an experienced law clerks. Whether you have questions about the divorce process or need assistance, our family lawyer is here to help. We are dedicated to making the divorce process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We take pride in providing top-notch legal representation in Brampton.

Top 5 Brampton Divorce Law FAQ

It usually takes 4 to 6 months for an uncontested divorce. Contested divorces may take longer.

You can divorce after one year of separation, or for cruelty or adultery.

It is not mandatory, but having a lawyer can be very helpful.

Generally, assets and debts are divided equally.

Decisions are based on the child’s best interests, and support is calculated based on income.

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