Simple Separation Agreement
Flat Rate
This type of agreement is simple and includes complete waivers. This does not include financial disclosure or negotiations.
Initial Consultation included
Complete waivers included
Filing with Divorce included
Professionally Notarized
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Complete Separation Agreement
This agreement may include clauses relating to property, child custody, child access, spousal support, child support, and the matrimonial home
Property/Matrimonial Home Clauses
Child Custody Clauses
Child Access Clauses
Support Clauses
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Discounted Separation Agreement

If you are using our simple divorce service, you will receive a discount of $200 towards your simple separation agreement. Your cost for a separation agreement will be $300. Please note that this fee applies to draft a simple and clean separation agreement, with complete waivers (this does not include financial disclosure or negotiations leading up to the agreement for family law issues such as property, equalization, child support or spousal support issues).

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