Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter Cost

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter completed by our Ontario Family Lawyer.

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Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter Cost

If you were divorced outside Canada, you need to prove that your divorce was legal in that country before you can get re-married in Canada.

Who Needs This Letter?

If you divorced outside of Canada, and wish to marry in Ontario, you will need to obtain an opinion letter from an Ontario family lawyer stating that your divorce will likely be recognized in Canada under the Federal Divorce Act. This “foreign divorce opinion letter” is an important document that will enable you to obtain an authorization to marry. Please plan ahead and give yourself enough time to complete this process before you make any arrangements to get re-married in Ontario. Please book your appointment with our Lawyer.

Will Divorce Be Valid?

If you were divorced in another country, there are two ways that the divorce will likely be valid in Canada. It will likely be valid if (1) when you obtained your divorce you had a “real and substantial” connection to the place where you obtained the divorce, or (2) when you obtained your divorce, either you or your spouse had been ordinarily resident in the place that granted the divorce for a year beforehand. If you require this letter, you should contact our Law Firm immediately for your free consultation.

Processing Time

Generally speaking, if you normally lived in the place where you divorced, the chances are good that your divorce will be recognized in Canada. Since this process takes from three to four weeks, you will need to arrange for your foreign divorce opinion letter to be drafted at an earliest possible date. Once you contact our office, we will try to get you an appointment right away. You will meet with our Lawyer and discuss the process, provide the necessary information, and have your Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter drafted on an expedited basis.

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Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

Will my foreign divorce be recognized in Canada?

If You Are Divorced in Canada

In order to get remarried in Toronto or Ontario, after getting divorced in Canada, you will need to provide an original copy or a court certified copy of your divorce certificate when you are applying for a marriage license. Our firm can help you obtain your final divorce order or divorce certificate if required.

If You Are Divorced Outside Canada

If you were divorced outside Canada, you must prove that your divorce was legal in that country before you can get re-married in Canada. In order to do this, there are certain documents that you must submit to the Office of the Registrar General of Ontario before you can be issued a marriage license. In order to obtain this authorization from the government, here are the documents that you must submit:

    • Original marriage license application signed by both intended spouses. The marriage license application can be found here.


    • An original or court-certified copy of your divorce judgment or certificate in English or French.


    • The Statement of Sole Responsibility for each foreign divorce, if both parties were previously divorced outside Canada. You can find this form here.


    • Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter from a lawyer in Toronto, addressed to intended spouses, explaining why the foreign divorce should be recognized in Ontario.

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