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Package - Divorce Paperwork
We specialize in handling your divorce paperwork exclusively. Additionally, when you file the paperwork in court, you will be responsible for the $669 court fees.
Included - Initial Divorce Consult & Complete Paperwork
Not Included - Court Processing, Court Visits, Serving Spouse and Final Divorce Order.
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Opt for the 2-Payment Plan
Per Month
Additional taxes and government fees of $669 apply, unless you qualify for a court fee waiver.
First Payment: Start Your Divorce
Second Payment: Due in 30 Days
Divorce Filed
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All Clients Are Eligible
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You May Be Eligible To Waive Your Court Fee

Reduce The Total Cost Of Your Divorce by $622. Based on your income and assets, you may qualify for a court fee waiver. If approved, your mandatory government court fee will be reduced from $632 to $10. We automatically assess each applicant for this waiver.

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