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Divorce Lawyer in Oshawa: Comprehensive Family Law Services

Divorce Lawyer in Oshawa: Comprehensive Family Law Services

The Divorce Lawyer Oshawa team at DivorceGo is dedicated to providing full-spectrum support throughout your divorce, ensuring results that are just and favorable. Try a complimentary consultation with our experienced Oshawa Divorce Lawyer and family law experts. Our commitment is to prioritize your needs, offering steadfast and dependable legal support.

Simplified Process for Uncontested Divorce in Oshawa

For an uncontested divorce in Oshawa, the process is marked by simplicity, agreement on key issues such as asset distribution, child custody, and spousal support being paramount.

  • Start with Application: File a divorce application with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.
  • Notify Your Spouse: Ensure your spouse receives a copy of the divorce application.
  • Consent Assumed: Non-response from your spouse implies agreement in the eyes of the court.
  • Affidavit Filing: Engage a Divorce Lawyer Oshawa to submit an affidavit affirming your spouse’s notification.
  • Judge’s Review: For straightforward applications, a judge evaluates the affidavits and may grant the divorce.
  • Official Finalization: Following the grant of divorce, receive court orders by mail. A divorce certificate is available for those planning to remarry.
  • Additional Disputes: If there are more claims, a court hearing might be necessary.

Contested Divorce: Navigating with an Oshawa Divorce Lawyer

In contested divorce scenarios in Oshawa, extensive documentation and legal filings are required, typically with the assistance of a divorce lawyer:

  • Exchange of Documentation: Parties share documents detailing their legal stances.
  • Encouragement of Settlement: Aim to reach an agreement through case management.
  • Resolution Phase: Most disputes are resolved before trial.
  • Trial for Unresolved Issues: Unsettled disputes proceed to trial.
  • Final Decree by Judge: A judge provides the final divorce decree.
  • Completion: The divorce becomes final after 31 days.

Accredited Family Lawyer in Oshawa

Whether seeking clarity on divorce proceedings or in need of comprehensive support, our family lawyers are prepared to assist. Committed to facilitating a smoother divorce process, we assure unparalleled legal representation in Oshawa, dedicated to promoting our clients’ best interests.

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