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Enjoy a 100% virtual divorce process with our Toronto family lawyer. Sign documents anytime, anywhere using Docusign on your phone or computer. No app download required! Prefer in-person? Visit any of our locations to get started.

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Covered: Initial consultation and comprehensive document preparation.
Not Covered: Court processing, court visits, serving your spouse, and obtaining the final divorce order.
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Why DivorceGo for Your Divorce in Toronto?

DivorceGo, a Family Law Firm at Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue, offers expert legal services. Our experienced Family Lawyer will handle your divorce quickly and competently at a lower cost. Non-lawyer services might be cheaper, but they are not regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada, leaving you vulnerable to errors and lack of accountability if they shut down during your case.

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Getting Started with an Affordable Divorce

Our Family Law Firm provides multiple options to begin the affordable divorce process.

Phone Consultation

Enjoy a free phone consultation with us. Just call during office hours, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, explain the divorce process, and schedule your complimentary divorce consultation.

Online Application

Fill out your information online in just 10 minutes. There is no cost for this service. Once your application is received, we will promptly contact you to verify the details and initiate the divorce process.

Text to Schedule

Text the number below to book your free divorce consultation, and we’ll confirm your appointment as soon as possible. Please note, this text service is exclusively for scheduling appointments.

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Click the button below to schedule your appointment online. Once we get your request, we’ll send you relevant information and confirm your appointment within 24 hours.

Quick and Affordable Divorce Process

We handle the entire divorce process for you in Toronto. Here are the steps:

1. Initial Contact

Schedule a free consultation with us. Our lawyer will evaluate your case and answer your questions.

2. Information Exchange

If ready to start, we’ll collect the necessary information to begin court proceedings.

3. Court Submission

We file your divorce application with the Superior Court to start your case.

4. Serving the Spouse

For sole divorces, we serve the documents to your spouse by mail and prepare the Affidavit of Service.

5. Divorce Affidavit

Once your spouse is served, we commission your affidavit of divorce for court.

6. Secondary Filing

We prepare and file remaining documents, including the divorce order, with your affidavit.

7. Divorce Judgment

A judge reviews the paperwork and decides on your divorce.

8. Finalization

Your divorce is finalized 31 days after the judge signs the order.

Our Promise

We offer quick, affordable service with transparent fees. Free consultations are always available.

Frequently Asked Questions about Toronto Divorce

Yes, as long as you meet the legal grounds for divorce.

An uncontested divorce takes about 4 to 6 months; contested divorces take longer.

Serve them with the documents and follow the legal process to obtain a divorce order from the court.

Uncontested: both agree on terms. Contested: disputes require court intervention.

You can represent yourself, but a lawyer can help protect your rights and handle the process efficiently.

Both spouses have an equal right to stay until a court order or agreement states otherwise.

Not advised without a court order, as both spouses have an equal right to the home until a legal decision is made.

Close or convert them to individual accounts. Debts on joint accounts are typically divided between the parties.

Typically divided equally, but this can be negotiated or decided by the court.

Request financial disclosure, seek a forensic accountant, or file a motion with the court.

Financial assistance based on the length of the marriage, incomes, and roles during the marriage.

Remarriage or cohabitation can impact spousal support based on the original agreement or court order.

Using Federal Child Support Guidelines based on the paying parent’s income and the number of children.

Based on the best interests of the child, considering their needs and relationships.

Both parents share decision-making responsibilities, focusing on major decisions affecting the child.

Requires consent from the other parent or a court order, considering the children’s best interests.

Yes, you can change it back to your maiden name or a previous name through the divorce process or separately via ServiceOntario.

File a motion with the court if one party does not comply.

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