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Are you looking for an experienced divorce lawyer in Toronto? Our team is here to assist you through the complexities of divorce, offering personalized attention and legal advice tailored to your unique situation. Our divorce lawyers are specialized in both contested and uncontested divorces, foreign divorce, prenuptial and separation agreement, ensuring your interests are fully protected. With our deep knowledge in divorce and family law, we are committed to guiding you through every step of the process.

Our Specialized Family Law Services:

Uncontested Divorce: For those seeking an amicable separation, we offer efficient solutions to end your marriage without the hassles of litigation.

Contested Divorces: In cases with unresolved disputes, our skilled Toronto divorce lawyers represent your interests fiercely, whether in negotiation or in court.

Why Choose DivorceGo in Toronto?

Experienced Team: Our Toronto divorce lawyer, having significant experience exclusively in family law, bring a blend of passion, dedication, and expertise to every divorce case.

Client Satisfaction and Trust: We are proud of our high client satisfaction rate, reflected in our exceptional Google Review Ratings.

Flat Fees: Understanding the financial impact of divorce, we offer affordable legal services with transparent pricing, including flat fees and customized payment plans.

Comprehensive Family Law Solutions: From property division and child custody to complex legal matters like foreign divorce recognition, we provide a full spectrum of family law services.

Free Initial Assessment: We offer a free initial phone consultation to help you understand your legal rights and the best course of action for your situation.

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I had an amazing experience with them—extremely professional! They first scheduled an online free meeting to assess the best divorce process for my situation and provided detailed information on all expenses involved. Everything was clear, efficient, and smooth. The staff were also very kind and polite. I highly recommend them; my experience was excellent! 🙂
I would recommend Bluetown Law for anyone who’s seeking legal services at an affordable price. I had approached them for an Uncontested/Simple Divorce. I got a free first consultation where I explained about my situation, and from there I was guided through the whole process step by step. All of my meetings were online, which fit my schedule quite well. I was given the option to pay in instalments as we progressed, which was a great help. All of my queries were answered promptly, and the team was very open and communicative until I got my Divorce Certificate. Thanks Bluetown Law.
Aman Johal
Aman Johal
It is amazing..I was worried for my divorce paper work and all the procedure but Bluetown laws made it easy for me..Reasonable fee and very professional staff..Quick replies ..I highly recommend Bluetown Laws..Extremely professional team ..

We are now serving Toronto and the surrounding area with our 5-Star Rated Service!

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Free Consultation with our Divorce Lawyer

Our experienced divorce lawyer understands the complexities of family law issues. That’s why our family law firm offers a free initial consultation to you.  At this meeting, our lawyer will answer your questions and provide you with critical information about the divorce process in Ontario.

Flat Fees and Payment Plans

We offer flat-rate fee for our divorce service and payment plans to our clients. For more details on our diverse service offerings and fees, please check below packages.

Divorce Paperwork Package
We complete your divorce paperwork Only. You will also pay $669 Court Fees when you file the paperwork in court.
Initial Divorce Consult Included
Complete Paperwork Included
Court Processing Not Included
Court Visits Not Included
Serving Spouse Not Included
Final Divorce Order Not Included
Book Free Consultation
Optional 2 Payment Plan
Per Month
Taxes and Government fee of $669.00 extra unless you qualify for a court fee waiver.
1st Payment - Divorce Started
2nd Payment - within 30 Days
Divorce Filed
Divorce Completed!
All Clients Qualify
Quick, Simple & Affordable
Contact Us Immediately
Exploring Divorce in Toronto

Understanding the Types and Procedures. Don't worry, we take care of the entire process.

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Are you looking for an uncontested divorce lawyer in Toronto? Our experienced lawyers are dedicated to facilitating a smooth and amicable resolution to your marriage or common-law partnership. Our professional approach prioritizes efficiency, understanding, and affordability, ensuring a stress-free process for our clients. Our experienced Toronto divorce lawyer offers personalized legal solutions, safeguarding your interests and rights throughout the proceedings. Trust our expertise to manage your uncontested divorce with the utmost care and professionalism, making your transition into a new chapter as seamless as possible.

Why Uncontested Divorce

Choosing an uncontested divorce is a good idea because it’s faster, cheaper, and less stressful than other types of divorce. In an uncontested divorce, both partners agree on the terms, so there’s no need for a long court fight. This makes the whole process simpler and allows both people to move on more quickly.

Contested Divorce Lawyer

Are you looking for a contested divorce lawyer in Toronto? Our family law firm specializes in dealing with the complexities of contested divorces. We understand that when agreements on crucial matters like child custody, asset division, and spousal support can’t be reached, legal support is essential. Our team of contested divorce lawyers is equipped with the knowledge and experience to represent your interests vigorously. We focus on providing personalized legal strategies, ensuring your rights are protected in the courtroom. Trust us to handle your case with the dedication and professionalism it demands, striving for the best possible outcome in these challenging situations.

Why Contested Divorce

In cases where couples can’t agree on key issues like property division, child custody, or support, a contested divorce becomes necessary. This type of divorce involves more complex legal proceedings, often requiring both parties to present their cases in court. While it can be more time-consuming and costly than an uncontested divorce, a contested divorce ensures that each party’s rights and interests are fairly represented and decided upon by a judge. It’s particularly crucial in situations where mutual agreement is not possible, ensuring that the final decisions are made in accordance with the law and available evidence. 

Contested Divorce Process

Filing of Divorce: One spouse files the divorce petition.

Response: The other spouse responds to the petition.

Hiring Lawyers: Both parties may hire divorce lawyers.

Discovery Process: Exchange of relevant documents and information.

Preliminary Hearings: Addressing immediate issues through court hearings.

Negotiations: Attempting to reach a settlement.

Trial: If no settlement, the case goes to trial.

Final Judgment: Court issues a divorce decree.

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

Are you in need of a Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter in Toronto? For those planning to marry in Canada with a divorce history from another country, this document is crucial. It serves as official confirmation that your foreign divorce is recognized in Canada. Our team specializes in drafting Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter, ensuring they meet all legal standards set by the Canadian government. With our expertise, we can facilitate the validation of your foreign divorce, enabling you to obtain a Canadian marriage license seamlessly. Trust our professional legal services to guide you through this essential step.

Separation Agreement

Are you looking for experienced divorce lawyers to draft a separation agreement in Toronto? Our legal services focus on creating comprehensive and legally sound Separation Agreements, tailored to the unique needs of each client. With our expertise, we ensure that all aspects of your separation, such as asset division, child custody, and support, are addressed thoroughly and fairly. Trust in our skilled divorce lawyers to provide you with a clear, concise, and effective Separation Agreement, safeguarding your rights and interests during this pivotal transition.

Prenuptial Agreement

Are you looking for an experienced divorce lawyer to draft a Prenuptial Agreement in Toronto? Our firm specializes in creating customized prenuptial agreements that protect your assets and interests. With our knowledgeable legal guidance, we help couples establish clear financial terms before marriage, ensuring security and peace of mind. Trust our skilled team to provide you with a comprehensive and legally binding Prenuptial Agreement, tailored to your unique situation and future plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are filing for a simple divorce in Ontario, the government court fee is currently $632. This case be paid at once or in two separate payments. If you are filing a sole divorce, the first payment of $212 is paid when you are filing the initial application. The remaining $420 is paid when you are filing the final documents including the Affidavit of Divorce. In some cases, you can apply to the Family Court to have this government fee waived by filing a fee waiver application that is sworn. If you are also hiring a lawyer to complete your divorce case, the cost of the divorce and the lawyer’s legal fees will depend on your retainer agreement.

The cost of a Divorce Lawyer in Ontario varies from law firm to law firm. The important thing to consider is the Divorce Lawyer’s hourly rate and the complexity of your case. You should also take into consideration that a good Divorce Lawyer that costs more than others may get your case resolved quickly and efficiently as opposed to others that may charge less but don’t possess the knowledge or experience to effectively negotiate or litigate your family law case.

The amount of time it takes to get a divorce in Ontario largely depends upon the court in which you file and whether you are filing a simple/uncontested divorce or a General divorce. In a simple divorce, you are only asking the court for a divorce and there are no other claims being made on the divorce application. This divorce process can generally be completed in 3 to 4 months. In a General Divorce Application, there are additional claims being made by the Applicant such as support, custody or property division. The time it takes to complete this type of divorce depends entirely on how long it takes the parties to either reach a settlement or litigate the issues in Family Court.

There are several ways to get a divorce in Toronto and there are three main grounds under which you may file a divorce, which are cruelty, adultery and separation. The vast majority of divorce cases are filed under the grounds of separation. This ground requires that the divorce applicants have been living separation and apart for at least 12 months. Remember, some parties live separate and apart in the same home and can still be considered separated. Another important note is that you do not need to wait until 12 months of separation in order to file your divorce. You may file the divorce at any time after separation and you can have the divorce finalized at the 12 months separation mark.

As mentioned above, getting a divorce in Ontario requires grounds of either adultery, cruelty, or separation of 12 months.

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