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Why Choose a DivorceGo Divorce Lawyer to Complete Your Case?

Are You Looking to File for Divorce in Ontario? Contact Our Divorce Lawyer Toronto Firm if You Require Assistance With Your Family Law Matter. Our Services Are Provided By Bluetown Law, a Family Law Firm with Locations in North York and Mississauga. Whether You Are Looking To File an Uncontested Divorce, Joint Divorce, Draft a Separation Agreement, or Need Assistance with Child Support or Child Custody Matters, Our Toronto Divorce Lawyer Will be Able to Answer Your Questions and Guide You Through This Difficult Time. You Can Trust That Our Experienced Family Lawyer Will Complete Your Case in a Quick and Efficient Manner. Other Non-Lawyer Divorce Services May be Cheaper, But They are Not Members of the Law Society of Ontario and Are Not Accountable To You or Anyone Else If They Make Mistakes or Shut Down When Your Case is in Court. Contact Our Divorce Lawyer Toronto Immediately For Your Free Consultation. We serve Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Scarborough, Markham and other cities.

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Our Law Firm offers a Free Consultation to you. At this meeting, our Toronto Family Lawyer will answer your questions and provide you with critical information about the divorce process in Ontario. Click the button below to book your free consultation today!

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Our Firm offers flat-rate pricing for our simple divorce service. We are clear about the total cost from the start and there are no hidden fees. As an extra courtesy, we offer payment plans to our clients. Click the button below to see our pricing page!

Ontario Divorce Process

Here is the general Process of Filing a Divorce in Ontario

1. Contact Us

Contact us to set-up your free consultation at our firm. Our lawyer will assess your case and answer your questions. This is the first step.

2. Information Exchange

If you are ready to start the same day, we will ask you some questions and you will provide all the information required to start your divorce.

3. Court Filing

Within a couple of days, we will file your divorce application and start your case at the Ontario Superior Court. Your divorce case has officially started.

4. Serving Spouse

If you are filing a sole divorce (as opposed to a joint divorce), we will serve the court-stamped divorce documents on your spouse by regular mail.

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5. Affidavit of Divorce

Once your spouse has been served and the necessary waiting period has lapsed, we will commission your affidavit of divorce and prepare it for court.

6. Court Filing

We will prepare the remaining documents, including the divorce order, and file them together with your affidavit of divorce at the courthouse.

7. Divorce Judgment

An Ontario Superior Court Judge will decide whether to grant your divorce based on the information and paperwork that is filed.

8. Final Divorce

Your divorce will take affect 31 days after the judge grants the divorce and signs the divorce order. At that time, you are legally divorced in Ontario.

Family Law Services

File Your Quick Divorce in Ontario

Are you in the process of filing a Divorce in Ontario? Our Divorce Lawyer will provide you with important information pertaining to your situation at your free meeting.

Separation Agreement in Ontario

Book a Free Consultation with our Family Law Firm and ask our Toronto Divorce Lawyer about the benefits of drafting a separation agreement in your particular situation.

Contested Divorce in Ontario

Are you facing a challenging situation with regards to your separation? Our Family Lawyers will attempt to negotiate a fair settlement before resorting to court litigation.

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

If you were previously divorce outside of Canada and would like to get married in Ontario, you will require a foreign divorce opinion letter drafted by our Family Lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions regarding the Divorce Process in Toronto

The Best Divorce Lawyers for your case largely depends on your requirements, the type of case, the outstanding family law issues, the funds available for retaining the lawyer and the lawyer’s experience in Family Law. The best Divorce Lawyer is not necessarily the one that has the highest hourly rate. You should meet with different lawyers and consult with them regarding your situation in order to get an idea who the best lawyer is for your case and situation.

The cost of a Divorce Lawyer in Ontario varies from law firm to law firm. The important thing to consider is the Divorce Lawyer’s hourly rate and the complexity of your case. You should also take into consideration that a good Divorce Lawyer that costs more than others may get your case resolved quickly and efficiently as opposed to others that may charge less but don’t possess the knowledge or experience to effectively negotiate or litigate your family law case.

There are several ways to get a divorce in Toronto and there are three main grounds under which you may file a divorce, which are cruelty, adultery and separation. The vast majority of divorce cases are filed under the grounds of separation. This ground requires that the divorce applicants have been living separation and apart for at least 12 months. Remember, some parties live separate and apart in the same home and can still be considered separated. Another important note is that you do not need to wait until 12 months of separation in order to file your divorce. You may file the divorce at any time after separation and you can have the divorce finalized at the 12 months separation mark.

As mentioned above, getting a divorce in Ontario requires grounds of either adultery, cruelty or separation of 12 months.

The amount of time it takes to get a divorce in Ontario largely depends upon the court in which you file and whether you are filing a simple/uncontested divorce or a General divorce. In a simple divorce, you are only asking the court for a divorce and there are no other claims being made on the divorce application. This divorce process can generally be completed in 3 to 4 months. In a General Divorce Application, there are additional claims being made by the Applicant such as support, custody or property division. The time it takes to complete this type of divorce depends entirely on how long it takes the parties to either reach a settlement or litigate the issues in Family Court.

If you are filing for a simple divorce in Ontario, the government court fee is currently $632. This case be paid at once or in two separate payments. If you are filing a sole divorce, the first payment of $212 is paid when you are filing the initial application. The remaining $420 is paid when you are filing the final documents including the Affidavit of Divorce. In some cases, you can apply to the Family Court to have this government fee waived by filing a fee waiver application that is sworn. If you are also hiring a lawyer to complete your divorce case, the cost of the divorce and the lawyer’s legal fees will depend on your retainer agreement.

- Hiring The Best Divorce Lawyer Toronto For Your Case

Divorce Go and Bluetown Law have searched the internet and interviewed clients in order to understand the main issues and concerns that arise when a potential client, going through separation, is seeking a Family Lawyer. We have compiled a list below in order to help potential clients find the right person in their unique situation.

How to Select Your Toronto Divorce Lawyer: Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing and Hiring a Family Lawyer in Toronto

1. Choose A Toronto Divorce Lawyer That Has Experience Particular to your Case

Professional experience is important in all fields, and the practice of family law is not an exception. Family Law can be a complex area depending on the outstanding issues in your case. Make sure your family lawyer has navigated through a similar situation in their practice. Don’t’ hesitate to ask the lawyer about their experience. Some clients assume that since they are filing a simple divorce, there will be no complications. However, our Divorce Lawyer will let you know about any concerns that he/she has during your free consultation.

2. Select a Ontario Divorce Lawyer from an accessible Law Firm

You want to be able to reach your family lawyer when you have questions or concerns about your case. One of the biggest complaints we have noticed through our research is client’s unhappy because they are unable to reach their lawyer or the lawyer takes too long to respond to their emails or phone calls. Family Law can be a stressful area of practice for many lawyers, especially when a lawyer is handling more than 30 to 40 cases at a time. It is understandable that they make a take a day or two to get back to you but make sure to ask your lawyer their usual response time to clients. At Divorce Go, we don’t have complicated phone systems or hurdles that client’s need to cross in order to reach their lawyer. We have simple phones and we pick them up!

3. Choose a Composed Lawyer that is solution-focused

This is a big one. Search for a divorce lawyer in Toronto who applies a rational approach to your situation, and seeks a peaceful resolution rather than conflict. Seek for one that aspires to resolve problems instead of fueling complications. A settlement focused lawyer will provide you with great advice and creative ways to resolve complicated issues. This is very beneficial to your case since immediately starting a court case can lead to a long and expensive path, not to mention an emotionally draining one. Resolving issues out of court before a settlement conference in Family Court and drafting a separation agreement in Ontario to conclude the outstanding issues is always the most efficient way to complete your divorce matter. Although many cases are resolved this way, some situations require the use of court processes to resolve issues in a contested divorce. At Divorce Go, we are settlement focused and do our best to creatively resolve your case out of court but are ready and willing to litigate issues when an Agreement is not practical.

4. Avoid Unnecessarily Aggressive Divorce Lawyers

An unnecessarily aggressive Family Lawyer may do more harm to your case than good. At Divorce Go, we have had experience in dealing with opposing divorce lawyers that are calm, collected and knowledgeable and those that are aggressive and disrespectful. The way that your lawyer approaches your case and communicates with your spouse’s lawyer can have a big impact on the chances of reaching a fair and early settlement. There are no major “tricks” in family law since most of the issues are governed by legislation or case law. It is a matter of reviewing the current law and coming up with a fair and reasonable solution in each case. Aggressive divorce lawyers tend to complicate negotiations and pave a way to an expensive court battle. Treating the other lawyer and client with respect is not a show of weakness, it is an indication that the Lawyer is focused on the important issues in your case, not on “winning.”

5. Select a Divorce Lawyer Who Understands Your Family Goals

A Toronto divorce lawyer who is sympathetic to children’s welfare may be a critical consideration if you have children. If the family lawyer has children of their own, that may be a plus, since they may be more cognizant of the financial and emotional repercussions of divorce on families with children. In our experience at Bluetown Law, one of the toughest situations to resolve is when the parents don’t agree on the parenting schedule or arrangement of the child. A “custody battle” can be significantly draining and complicate the chances of a settlement on other issues in the case. If you find yourself in this type of situation, we do recommend that you consider divorce mediation or collaborative family law to get through this one.

6. Select A Divorce Lawyer in Toronto Who is open to Mediation or Collaborative Law

In some cases, mediation or collaborative law on some or all issues just makes good sense, especially in cases that involve a couple looking to resolve child custody or access issues. A neutral mediator, that has experience in family law matters can greatly help in some situations. In collaborative law practice, the main goal is to resolve your case out of court using a calm and collected approach. Each party is represented by a family lawyer and together, the group attempts to resolve all of the outstanding issues in a fair settlement. Once the parties agree to the terms, the settlement is then drafted in into a separation agreement. This approach can save you time, money and energy since you are able to work out the issues in a calm and comfortable environment while still being confident that you have a Family Lawyer representing your interests.

7. Select A Family Lawyer Who is Professional

Think about it, if you approach a family lawyer that proposes to play “dirty tricks” or has unethical standards, what are the chances that you yourself will have issues with your lawyer during your case? In our experience at Divorce Go, it is far better to retain a Family Lawyer that is professional and courteous, while still possessing knowledge of the Law. Lawyers that have a reputation for questionable ethical standards are not respected in the field or in the courtroom. There are no shortcuts when navigating through complex family law cases. At Divorce Go, we keep you informed about your case and do everything one step at a time.

8. Select A Divorce Lawyer with Reasonable Fees

If you are filing for an uncontested divorce or a joint divorce, it may not make sense to retain a divorce lawyer at an hourly rate. Similarly, if you and your former partner agree on all of the terms of a separation agreement, you can ask your family lawyer to provide you with a flat-rate fee for drafting. However, if your case involves negotiating the issues, complicated financials or court litigation, you will likely pay an upfront retainer and the legal fees will be billed on an hourly basis. The hourly rate varies for each divorce lawyer based on experience and other factors. Be smart, you may be able to have amazing representation and an eventual settlement with a lawyer that charges $300 per hour as opposed to a lawyer that charges $600 per hour. Do your research and consult with a few family lawyers in order to make your decision to retain!

9. The Divorce Lawyer’s Gender Is Not Important

Regardless of your own gender, the lawyer’s gender should not be considered as an important consideration. It is imperative to understand that a lawyer’s skills are not hinged on their gender. Therefore, in selecting the most suitable divorce lawyer, the most significant aspects are their character, experience, fees, as well as your confidence in their ability to deliver your desired outcomes. At Divorce Go, we have both male and female lawyers and they are all equally awesome and respected!

10. Select A Divorce Lawyer That Makes You Comfortable

A Toronto divorce lawyer who is committed to your welfare can be the greatest asset in the divorce case. A good Family lawyer should have adequate time for you and understand your needs during this difficult time. Having someone on your side that you trust can significantly reduce your stress level. The only way to figure this out is to meet with the Family Lawyer!

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