Divorce Lawyer Toronto

Save Thousands of Dollars in Legal Fees By Using our Divorce Lawyer Toronto Process to Complete Your Divorce.

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Divorce Lawyer Toronto
divorce lawyer toronto
Divorce Lawyer Toronto
Divorce Lawyer Toronto

Family Lawyer Toronto

Why Choose a DivorceGo Divorce Lawyer to Complete Your Case?

Are You Looking to File for Divorce in Ontario? Contact Our Divorce Lawyer Toronto Firm if You Require Assistance With Your Family Law Matter. Our Services Are Provided By Bluetown Law, a Family Law Firm with Locations in North York and Mississauga. Whether You Are Looking To File an Uncontested Divorce, Joint Divorce, Draft a Separation Agreement, or Need Assistance with Child Support or Child Custody Matters, Our Toronto Divorce Lawyer Will be Able to Answer Your Questions and Guide You Through This Difficult Time. You Can Trust That Our Experienced Family Lawyer Will Complete Your Case in a Quick and Efficient Manner. Other Non-Lawyer Divorce Services May be Cheaper, But They are Not Members of the Law Society of Upper Canada and Are Not Accountable To You or Anyone Else If They Make Mistakes or Shut Down When Your Case is in Court. Contact Our Divorce Lawyer Toronto Immediately For Your Free Consultation. We serve Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Scarborough, Markham cities.

Free Consultation

Our Law Firm offers a Free Consultation to you. At this meeting, our Toronto Family Lawyer will answer your questions and provide you with critical information about the divorce process in Ontario. Click the button below to book your free consultation today!

Affordable Service

Our Firm offers flat-rate pricing for our simple divorce service. We are clear about the total cost from the start and there are no hidden fees. As an extra courtesy, we offer payment plans to our clients. Click the button below to see our pricing page!

The Divorce Process in Ontario

Divorce Lawyer Toronto

Here is the general Process of Filing a Divorce in Ontario

1. Contact Us

Contact us to set-up your free consultation at our firm. Our lawyer will assess your case and answer your questions. This is the first step.

2. Information Exchange

If you are ready to start the same day, we will ask you some questions and you will provide all the information required to start your divorce.

3. Court Filing

Within a couple of days, we will file your divorce application and start your case at the Ontario Superior Court. Your divorce case has officially started.

4. Serving Spouse

If you are filing a sole divorce (as opposed to a joint divorce), we will serve the court-stamped divorce documents on your spouse by regular mail.

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5. Affidavit of Divorce

Once your spouse has been served and the necessary waiting period has lapsed, we will commission your affidavit of divorce and prepare it for court.

6. Court Filing

We will prepare the remaining documents, including the divorce order, and file them together with your affidavit of divorce at the courthouse.

7. Divorce Judgment

An Ontario Superior Court Judge will decide whether to grant your divorce based on the information and paperwork that is filed.

8. Final Divorce

Your divorce will take affect 31 days after the judge grants the divorce and signs the divorce order. At that time, you are legally divorced in Ontario.

Toronto Divorce Lawyer Services

File Your Quick Divorce in Ontario

Are you in the process of filing a Divorce in Ontario? Our Divorce Lawyer will provide you with important information pertaining to your situation at your free meeting.

Separation Agreement in Ontario

Book a Free Consultation with our Family Law Firm and ask our Toronto Divorce Lawyer about the benefits of drafting a separation agreement in your particular situation.

Contested Divorce in Ontario

Are you facing a challenging situation with regards to your separation? Our Family Lawyers will attempt to negotiate a fair settlement before resorting to court litigation.

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

If you were previously divorce outside of Canada and would like to get married in Ontario, you will require a foreign divorce opinion letter drafted by our Family Lawyer.

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