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We Provide All Services For Notarization, Certification and Commissioning of Documents.

Notarizing a Document

Make a notarized true copy of the original document or Notarize a signature on an original document by witnessing someone signing the document

Witnessing a Signature

Notarize the signing of any document. By law, the person having their signature notarized must appear and sign in front of the Notary.

Affidavit of Execution

Used where a witness is asked to swear or solemnly declare they were present and saw another person sign a document.

Invitation Letters

Letter of Invitation in support of a visitor’s visa to Canada. If more than one person is signing, each person must sign in front of the Notary.

Commission of Oats/Affidavits

Commission of Oaths, Solemn Affirmations and Declarations by a Commissioner of Oaths for any legal matter. Also ask us if you need these drafted.

Notarize Passport

Many clients require notarization of their either a single passport page or the entire passport. We provide this notary service.

Consent to Travel

Notarization of Consent to Travel Document for when child travelling without one or both parents. Person travelling with the child doesn’t need to appear.

Power of Attorney

A Specific Power of Attorney is a document in which you appoint someone else to act on your behalf on matters that you specify.

Translated Documents

A Translated package usually consists of a certified true copy of the original document and the translation.

Notary Fee
First Document
Every 5th Document is Free
2nd Document: $10
3rd Document: $10
4th Document: $10
5th Document: Free

Toronto Notary Public

Our Notary Service is Provided by a Toronto Lawyer and the service is quick, simple and affordable. We make every effort to have notary clients in and out of the office within 10 minutes. You may walk-in to have your documents notarized but we recommend that you book an appointment in advance of your visit so that we can keep your time slot open. To book the appointment, please fill out our appointment form on this page or give us a quick phone call at (416) 792-5400.

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