Uncontested Divorce

Two types of applications for a simple divorce

DivorceGo will process your entire divorce case. The term “simple divorce” is used to describe a situation where you and your spouse agree on all of the terms of the divorce and you are asking the court for a legal divorce only. This means that all other issues such as spousal support, child support/custody and division of property are not at issue in the simple divorce. If you want the court to make an order for these other issues, you will likely need to file a regular divorce. The first step is to contact our firm and book your free consultation to speak with our Ontario Divorce Lawyer. We will walk you through your options and provide you crucial information about the divorce process in Ontario. This consultation will put you in a better position to understand your options during the separation process.

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Our Law Firm offers a Free Consultation to you. At this meeting, our Toronto Family Lawyer will answer your questions and provide you with critical information about the divorce process in Ontario. Click the button below to book your free consultation today!

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Our Firm offers flat-rate pricing for our simple divorce service. We are clear about the total cost from the start and there are no hidden fees. As an extra courtesy, we offer payment plans to our clients. Click the button below to see our pricing page!

Sole or Joint Divorce?

Sole Divorce in Ontario

When both you and your spouse are in agreement about the divorce, there are two ways in which you can proceed. The first way is filing a simple “sole divorce.” In this type of application, either you or your spouse files the divorce application in court. Once the court processes and stamps the application, it will be served on the other spouse. Your spouse then has 30 days to contest or challenge the divorce, or make his or her own claim(s) for things like support, custody, or division of property. If your spouse does not challenge the divorce within the required period, the divorce will proceed as an “uncontested” divorce in the court system.

Joint Divorce in Ontario

The second way to proceed is by filing a ‘joint’ divorce. When both you and your spouse are in agreement and you both are willing to sign the divorce documents, then the Province of Ontario will allow you to proceed with a joint divorce. This eliminates the need for service of the documents upon your spouse and can save you time and money. A joint divorce can make things a bit easier since there is no need to have your spouse served with the documents. It is also possible that a joint application may be processed faster in some courts in comparison with a sole application. Contact our firm and speak with our Family Lawyer for your options.

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