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Our Family Lawyer will help you understand the divorce process and guide you through your options during Separation

Step 1: Free Consultation

If you are looking to make claims such as custody, support, division of property etc., the first step is to contact our divorce firm for a free consultation. Our divorce/family lawyer in Toronto will provide you with critical information about the divorce process and inform you about your rights during the separation process in Ontario. We will also make a plan for moving forward with the case.

Step 2: Separation Negotiations

Once you retain our divorce lawyer, we will receive important information about your marriage and start the negotiation process with the opposing lawyer. Our Toronto family lawyer will use his expertise to protect your rights and communicate your position in the case. This is an important step towards resolving your case early and avoiding potentially costly litigation.

Step 3: Court Litigation

We make every effort to save time and expenses for our clients. This is why we reserve court litigation as a final alternative when negotiation settlements fail. In many cases, most of the issues are resolved during negotiations with the exception of one or two. During this stage, our family lawyer zealously represent your interests in Family Court.


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