Preparing a Child Custody Case

One of the areas of contention in a divorce as that of child custody. As a result, there are a number of things that a parent can do in order to win a child custody hearing. This article will discuss the necessary documentation that a parent can compile for their child custody case.

When it comes to resolving child custody cases which it is often beneficial for parents to create a record of their interactions between the other parent, the children and themselves. Below is information as to how such documentation can be compiled. 

Divorce: Tips on Conflict and Your Children

Some divorces result in conflict which affects the children involved in the family. Parental conflict in a family may be high where the parents are going through a separation, living separate and apart under the same roof or working through conflict during divorce. This article will discuss some tips to use in respect of conflict that arises during separation and the divorce process.

It is no surprise that while both parents may feel very strongly in respect of the opinion they are expressing during conflict, the emotional health and wellbeing of their children is directly affected.

FAQs on Child Support

The percentage ratio of people undergoing divorce in Canada has risen largely and this has led to homes having single parents. As a result there are a number of aspects that arise due to divorce such as separation, child support, spousal support, child visitation and access. There are a number of frequently asked questions in respect of child support. This article will address some of these questions.

Question: What is the difference between child support and child maintenance?

Motion To Change Child Support

Motion To Change Child Support Ontario

Steps For Motion to Change Child Support

After a final Order has been made by a Judge with respect to monthly child support payments, circumstances may arise that warrant changes be made to the original final Order. You will likely have to bring a motion to change child support. The procedure to bring about these changes to the Order has been outlined in Section 15 of the Family Law Rules. This process entails bringing a motion to change or modify child support payments.
A motion to change child support may be brought before judge when there is material change in the financial circumstances of the payor spouse or when there is material change in the financial circumstances of the receiving child. Example of this are:

Child Support in Ontario

Child Support in Ontario


When parents no longer continue to reside with each other, an arrangement is usually made in terms of which  parent the children may live with and for how long. Usually  the parent with which the children reside most of time is entitled to obtain from the other parent expenses relating to raising the children. This is called child support.