Mistakes To Avoid When Considering A Separation Agreement In Ontario

Avoid Mistakes

No one wishes to spend money on divorce, particularly when it’s in short supply. That’s why many couples find it easier to separate rather than divorce. Others separate in preparation for their divorce. If you have decided to separate from your spouse, the best thing is to have a separation agreement in Ontario with the help of a family lawyer. However, if you’re not careful about your separation agreement, this could lead to the biggest mistake that could affect the ruling of your divorce.

Tips On What To Avoid When Preparing For A Separation Agreement

It would be better to avoid the below mistakes in the process of drafting your separation agreement and also that in case of divorce, things run smoothly:

  • Airing your separation: Most people use social media to air their grievances. This information may be used against you. Further, people may define your needs, which may not be accurate for your situation. If you let out any information, your spouse will most likely hear about it, and he/she may not take it positively.
  • Signing any document without your lawyer: It’s vital to understand your rights when separating. Your spouse may have documents that he/she may want you to sign. Never accept to sign them without the advice from your lawyer.
  • Becoming violent to your spouse: If you commit any violent act to your spouse, either physical or emotional, it can lead to domestic violence. This may have other legal consequences, such as being forced to hire a criminal lawyer, which may affect your divorce in terms of time taken to resolve other upcoming cases.
  • Moving out from home: If you move out from home before the separation, it may affect your chances of retaining precious time with your kids. You can’t live away from your kids and fail to interfere with the parent-child relationship. You should not leave unless there is a risk of harm.
  • Making financial commitments: If you make financial commitments before the final agreement, you could lower your chances of getting what belongs to you legally. You should act reasonably when it comes to issues related to finances.
  • Failure to take care of your physical and emotional health: Separation is not easy as it takes a toll in various ways. One of them is becoming emotionally stressed. You need to maintain yourself for life after separation or divorce. You can do this by joining support groups or exercising regularly.
  • Involving your kids in your disputes: Most spouses unintentionally have heated arguments when their kids are watching. You should be conscious of the kid’s presence since this can affect them negatively.
  • Being dishonest: This may happen, especially when one spouse wants to hide marital assets. This could result in losing vital grounds for divorce.

Speak To An Experienced Divorce Lawyer

During the process of preparing a separation agreement, it’s vital to seek legal help from a top divorce lawyer in Toronto. He/she can ensure you avoid the above mistakes that could cost you when it comes to divorce. A good lawyer has an understanding of how your rights can be protected and can take you through each step of your divorce process.


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