Courtroom Etiquette and You

Courtroom Etiquette

For some, divorce is an expected outcome while for others it takes them by surprise. Such a life changing situation has its own effects on the divorcing parties as well as on the children who are involved in the divorce. There are a number of reasons why marriages end up in divorce. In cases, where a divorce goes to court the one constant element is the judge. And as such, it is important to know what the judge expects in his court room. This article will discuss tips on how to conduct oneself during divorce proceedings carried out in court.

One of the first things any divorcing party needs to realize is that, it is important never to disrespect the courtroom, whether such disrespect is directed to your spouse, the staff and/or especially the judge. It must be noted that where the judge forms a negative opinion about you it is very difficult to change their mind especially without a lawyer on your side.

Courtroom Etiquette

One of the first things to realize is that first impressions count. Therefore, from the moment you step in front of the judge, he or she forms an opinion about you and this is created by your appearance. From the manner in which you dress the judge is able to tell whether you respect the office he or she holds and represents and whether or not you respect the courtroom. It must be noted that your appearance speaks volumes about your marriage. Thus it is important to keep in mind that the courtroom is a formal place, therefore, it is necessary to dress appropriately.

Another aspect that falls under the issue of being respectful while in the courtroom is not disrupting the judge as this is disrespectful. Further, by all means resist the urge to tell the judge what to think. It is important that you bear in mind that the judge is an educated and intelligent person whose experience gives him or her the advantage of reading between the lines and discerning the truth of the matter. Further, like any other person no one wants to be told what to think. However, it must be noted that a lawyer is given some leeway in telling the judge what to think as lawyers are educated in the law.

Another aspect that must be noted is that the judge wants you to negotiate and settle issues on your own and frankly has no intention of telling you what to do with your life. Therefore, when making requests it is necessary to be reasonable as this goes a long way with the judge; as reasonableness always works in the direction of settlement.

One thing that sets a divorce apart is the presence of a top Toronto divorce lawyer who specializes in divorce in Ontario. Lawyers have a lot of experience with judges and as such they are familiar with certain judge’s personal attributes as well as characteristics and personality. Therefore, this allows lawyers to know how to base their arguments in a way that speaks to the judges and bears positive light on you and your case.


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