An Overview of the Divorce Act

Before during and after a divorce, the parties involved want to learn about divorce law and where to start. Under Canada’s Constitution there is a law called the Divorce Act, which governs the manner in which the divorce process and its requirements work. This article will discuss various aspects of divorce and the divorce law in Canada.

Keeping Your Divorce as Painless as Possible

It would be great if marriages lasted forever. It would also be great if you could just walk away from your spouse and call it a day. But in Ontario, as well as the rest of Canada and most of the world, your marriage isn’t over until you obtain a divorce order from the court. There are mechanisms in place that permit a Simple Divorce In Ontario, so that ending your marriage can be simple, efficient and less costly than a drawn out legal battle.

How to find a good divorce lawyer?

Is your married life is in serious crisis? If you have some irreconcilable differences with your soulmate and you want a divorce, then you would need the advice of an experienced divorce lawyer.

Divorce cases often tend to stretch for years. Hiring the right lawyer can change the outcome of the legal process in your favor. You can consult your friends and relatives to track down an experienced lawyer with a good track record. Look for a divorce attorney who understands your needs. Prepare a list of accomplished divorce lawyers. You will have to spend some time in research.

Courtroom Etiquette and You

For some, divorce is an expected outcome while for others it takes them by surprise. Such a life changing situation has its own effects on the divorcing parties as well as on the children who are involved in the divorce. There are a number of reasons why marriages end up in divorce. In cases, where a divorce goes to court the one constant element is the judge. And as such, it is important to know what the judge expects in his court room. This article will discuss tips on how to conduct oneself during divorce proceedings carried out in court. 

Separation Agreement in Toronto

Separation Agreement in Toronto


What is a Separation Agreement?

If you are contemplating a separation or are separated from your spouse or common-law partner, a domestic contract known as a ‘separation agreement’ may be drafted to make arrangements for issues such as:

  1. Division of Property (i.e. who gets to keep the car);
  2. Spousal support/spousal support releases and child support;
  3. The living arrangement of the children (i.e. custody and access).
  4. Parenting plans (i.e. religious issues, educational matters, travel etc.)
  5. Debts, pensions, medical/dental benefits, life insurance.

Uncontested Divorce in Ontario

Divorce Lawyer Toronto

When filing an uncontested divorce in Ontario, there are two types of uncontested cases:

Uncontested Sole Divorce: When both spouses are in agreement about the divorce and do not oppose the divorce, either the husband or wife files the divorce papers with the court asking for the divorce. Once the papers are filed with the court, your spouse is served with the divorce papers. Your spouse then has 30 days to contest or challenge the divorce, or make a claim such as for support, property, custody, etc. If your spouse does not challenge the divorce within the required period, the divorce will proceed as “uncontested” and will be finalized by the Ontario court.