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Our Toronto and Mississauga Family Lawyers will Complete Your Entire Simple Divorce From The Comfort Of Your Home. Read The Steps Below.

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We Complete Your Entire Online Divorce From Start to Finish. Please Read The Steps Below:

1. You Contact Us.

This is the initial step towards completing your divorce online. Here are the ways you can reach us:

Phone: 416-792-5400


Book Appointment Form: Click Here

2. We Set a Brief Phone Consultation.

One of our friendly staff will speak with you over the phone to assess your case. We also answer important questions you may have at this time. 

3. We Start the Divorce Process

If you are ready to start, we continue with the phone consult and you provide us with all of the information we require in order to complete your divorce application. You also make your first payment at this time over the phone with a credit card or an email money transfer. 

4. We Send You The Divorce Documents for Signing

We can either email the documents to you or mail them out to your address. You simply sign and mail back to our office. If you are starting a sole divorce, you only sign the divorce application at this time. If you are doing a joint divorce, we send one of our friendly staff to your place (or another meeting place) for you to sign the divorce application and swear the required Affidavits of Divorce.

5. We Attend Court and Start Your Divorce Case.

If you are competing a sole divorce, we attend court and commence your divorce. We prepare to serve your spouse by mail, or in-person if required. If we are serving in-person, there is an added cost for the process server.

If you are completing a Joint Divorce, we submit all of your paperwork to the court at once and you will receive your divorce order in the mail directly. For joint divorce applicants, the process is complete and you do not need to read the remaining steps on this page.

6. We wait 30 days (60 days if spouse is overseas)

In a sole divorce, we have to wait the mandatory 30 days after your spouse is served. This period is 60 days if your spouse was served outside of Canada or The United States.

7. You Sign The Affidavit of Divorce

We send one of our friendly staff to your place (or another meeting place) so you can swear the affidavit of divorce that our firm has completed. 

8. We Attend Court and Submit Your Final Documents

Once you completed your Affidavit, we will return to court and submit your remaining documents. You will receive your Divorce Order directly in the mail.

Important Information


Whether you are filing for a sole divorce or a joint divorce, our fee for the mobile divorce service is a flat-rate of $950 + HST. The additional government court fee is $632. This will be your total cost. If you qualify for a court fee waiver based on your income and assets, you will only pay $10 for your court fee instead of $632. We will automatically assess you for the court fee waiver during our initial phone consultation.

Payment Plan

We offer a payment plan to help our clients finance the divorce process. Please visit our pricing page for more details.

Serving Spouse

We do not charge a fee to serve your spouse by mail. However, if you would like to have your spouse served in person, the process serving fee is an additional $150 for up to 3 attempts to serve. 

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hoyo M.
hoyo M.
I am very grateful for how quickly and professionally you... handled the divorce. Special thanks to Christine and Mina for their support and encouragementYouread more
Ted L.
Ted L.
Simple and straight forward.But we did have the separation... agreement done more
Rajni S.
Rajni S.
Excellent Service!! Provided by BlueTown Layers. I have no... idea from where I shall began. Special shout out to Christine and Mina, who were there to answer my all queries and always there via calls or emails. Fully and Highly recommend BLUE TOWNS more
Christopher S.
Christopher S.
I would whole-heartedly recommend Bluetown Law / Divorce Go... to anyone interested in a simple un-contested divorce. I was skeptical at first because of the anxiety dealing with such stressful subject. However, after speaking with Christine & Mina my concerns were addressed and I was educated on the procedures and what to expect. The costing was acceptable considering the alternative and the team was professional. I am glad to report it went well and I am very satisfied with the outcome and services provided.Thank you Bluetown Law teamread more

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Our Pricing and Payment Plans are Below. Please add $100 to the divorce price if we are completing the Online Divorce option for you.
Divorce Paperwork Package
We complete your divorce paperwork Only. You will also pay $669 Court Fees when you file the paperwork in court.
Initial Divorce Consult Included
Complete Paperwork Included
Court Processing Not Included
Court Visits Not Included
Serving Spouse Not Included
Final Divorce Order Not Included
Book Free Consultation
Optional 2 Payment Plan
Per Month
Taxes and Government fee of $669.00 extra unless you qualify for a court fee waiver.
1st Payment - Divorce Started
2nd Payment - within 30 Days
Divorce Filed
Divorce Completed!
All Clients Qualify
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