Infographic: 8 Common Myths Surrounding Divorce In Canada

divorce in canada

Do you want to legally separate from your spouse? You can move on if the differences are irreconcilable. However, there are some common myths related to divorce in Ontario. Many feel that if both spouses are employed, then there can be no spousal support. Spousal support can be ordered based on factors like difference in income. There is no guarantee that one can get access to a child by paying child support. Many believe that if a spouse has committed adultery, the court will rule in favour of the other person. Each state has its laws and so, you should consult a Toronto divorce lawyer.

You can file for divorce based on evidence after fulfilling the legal process. There is no assurance that you can keep a house because you bought it before marriage. Your spouse can get a part of the property if there is evidence. You don’t need to live in a house continuously so that you don’t lose your stake in it. Unlike what many believe, legal laws can be initiated for people who are in a common-law relationship for spousal support. Staying separately for one year doesn’t guarantee the end of a marriage. A marriage can end only after a court order is issued.

Infographic: 8 Common Myths Surrounding Divorce In Canada

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