Steps For Creating A Workable Parenting Agreement

Parenting Agreement

To avoid future battles after a divorce, both parents should come up with a workable parenting agreement. Though a feasible parenting plan will not remove any possible conflicts, it can help identify any likely issues and hence provide a path to handling such matters in harmony. The presence of a third party in such matters creates all the difference. Anyone going through a divorce in Toronto should keep in mind that even if they seem to agree on all terms of their agreement, it’s advisable to have a lawyer guide them to do the right thing and review their schedule before signing.

The Steps You Should Take To Have A Workable Agreement

Having a routine your kids can work on may help them handle the split with ease. However, coming up with this routine is the key to your kid’s happiness, even when things seem to be tough. There is a way you can ensure to establish a good parenting agreement. Below are some few steps you may put into consideration:

  • Open up lines of communication with the other parent: This is the first step to ensure that you will indeed talk about the best interest of your children. In such away, you can come up with a plan to ensure your kids have the support they need from both of you. Besides, you can plan on a mode by which you will keep in touch. It helps when kids start moving between homes as you need to share updates. It’s unwise to wait until you have divorced to have such decisions.
  • Hire a family lawyer to help you draft the agreement: Having a lawyer is necessary to facilitate communication. It would help if you were willing to let your lawyer have all the documents related to calculating things like child support. This could include your income; tax returns pay stubs etc. You will get advice on what to include, such as money issues, living arrangements, among others. However, even before you get such advice, you should be prepared with your ideal parenting schedule. This is also important since a parenting schedule has a legal implication. Having a lawyer to guide you can make it official.
  • Follow the court orders: Just like any other enforceable court order, you need to ensure you don’t violate any provision made by the judge as this could subject you to fines or penalties.
  • Keep up with your goals: Once you come up with a parenting schedule, it’s your part to maintain the goals you have set towards your children. Don’t wait for the other parent to fulfill their role. Strive to have the best for your children to help shape their future.


What If There Is Disputes In A Parenting Plan?

While some parents work together to reach a joint agreement, others bring up chaos and remain in conflict with the other parent. In such cases, a parent can only choose to have a legal representative who may attempt to resolve the dispute without going to court. Also, you can write up your parental agreement and have a lawyer assist you. A workable parenting agreement is a better tool to allocate both parents’ responsibilities.


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