4 Types of Divorce Proceedings

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There are different types of divorce, some very different from the stereotypical contested type. After all, divorce is not a one-size-fits-all affair, and the kind of divorce a couple chooses depends on the particulars of their circumstances. The contested divorce is a well-known type involves both spouses retaining different attorneys and taking contentious issues in front of the court for the judge to decide. This is a complex process which involves trials and settlements.

Courtroom Etiquette and You


For some, divorce is an expected outcome while for others it takes them by surprise. Such a life changing situation has its own effects on the divorcing parties as well as on the children who are involved in the divorce. There are a number of reasons why marriages end up in divorce. In cases, where a divorce goes to court the one constant element is the judge. And as such, it is important to know what the judge expects in his court room. This article will discuss tips on how to conduct oneself during divorce proceedings carried out in court.