Remarriage And Prior Child Custody

Child Custody

If you have divorced and are planning to get married, you may wonder how the new plans will affect your child’s custody. In some cases, a new marriage where one has child custody has brought issues. The fact is that the court ratifies any agreement you made with your former spouse based on child custody and doesn’t consider how you will choose to move with your personal life. However, the court is always determined to have as much information as possible concerning your child’s best interest. If you and your spouse are fighting over child custody, you may have different sets of issues to consider. The best course of action would be for a Toronto divorce lawyer to offer legal advice which may lender the court changing the child custody orders to serve the child’s best interest.

 Child Custody From A Former Divorcee

 If you have been divorced, have child custody, and want to move in with a new partner, it makes all the sense to be sure there is no disagreement on you having the custody of your children. The new relation may bring changes that no longer serve the best interest of your child. In cases where you may find it possible to change the child custody and the judge is satisfied with the decision, the court can have a court order for that. When it comes to child custody issues in new marriage relationships, each state has its own ways of determining whether the custody arrangements may be modified. If you find yourself battling over child custody, you must be forced to attend court-ordered mediation sessions to develop a reasonable parenting agreement.

Re-evaluation Of The Existing Custody Agreement

Though the court will have created a child custody agreement based on the child’s best interest, this can be modified to incorporate any material change. You can choose to have the court make changes to the former custody agreement if:

  • The new relationship may harm the child’s relationship with both parents.
  • There are issues concerning child custody with the new partner.
  • The child is unable to adapt to the new family member.

In such cases, the court strives to decide what will produce the best outcome for the child. The judge will determine whether he/she can incorporate the same custody agreements and visitations. For the judge to effect the change, one must be ready to show the change in circumstances.

 Talking With Your Divorce Lawyer

 After your separation or divorce, you may have considered moving on with life with another partner. The change may affect your child’s custody. However, before you decide to make any changes, you may consider discussing the issue with the lawyer who offered legal help when ending your marriage relationship. Your lawyer will explain how the Canadian child custody laws will affect your rights if you’d decide to have the child custody order modified. For any questions related to child custody orders, don’t hesitate to talk with an experienced family lawyer.


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