Types of Child Custody in Ontario

Divorce is one of the most difficult situations in which a couple can find themselves. In Ontario, Canada, there are certain laws that pertain to child custody. If the marriage produced children, custody issues will arise during a separation or divorce. Generally speaking, the courts make decisions based on what is in the best interests of the child.

Factors that a court may review when making a decision regarding the custody of a child are:

  1. The love and emotional bonds between the child and each of the parents;
  2. The relationship that each parent has with the child;

Divorce and Child Custody Bonds

It is not uncommon in some relationships for a parent to fear for the abduction of their child by the other parent. As a result a step that can be taken by the parent is a provision for a bond to be posted whenever the child travels to another country with the other parent. This article will basically discuss the concept of the child custody bond and how this serves as a protection from abduction of children.

FAQs on Child Support

The percentage ratio of people undergoing divorce in Canada has risen largely and this has led to homes having single parents. As a result there are a number of aspects that arise due to divorce such as separation, child support, spousal support, child visitation and access. There are a number of frequently asked questions in respect of child support. This article will address some of these questions.

Question: What is the difference between child support and child maintenance?

Motion To Change Child Support

Motion To Change Child Support Ontario

Steps For Motion to Change Child Support

After a final Order has been made by a Judge with respect to monthly child support payments, circumstances may arise that warrant changes be made to the original final Order. You will likely have to bring a motion to change child support. The procedure to bring about these changes to the Order has been outlined in Section 15 of the Family Law Rules. This process entails bringing a motion to change or modify child support payments.
A motion to change child support may be brought before judge when there is material change in the financial circumstances of the payor spouse or when there is material change in the financial circumstances of the receiving child. Example of this are:

Child Support in Ontario

Child Support in Ontario


When parents no longer continue to reside with each other, an arrangement is usually made in terms of which  parent the children may live with and for how long. Usually  the parent with which the children reside most of time is entitled to obtain from the other parent expenses relating to raising the children. This is called child support.