Contested Divorce With Children

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is common in Canada. Statistics show that a good number of children are affected by divorces every year. In many contested divorces, children involved are always at a risk of getting affected psychologically. Research shows that it’s not a divorce that affects a child psychologically per se, but how the parents argue their way out in matters related to their wealth, debts, children themselves, etc. The effects associated with divorce can have short and long-term results. If you seem not to agree on divorce proceedings, it’s more likely your divorce will be contested. In such a situation, you need the legal support of a Toronto divorce lawyer to help you will all aspects of the divorce process.

Effects Of Contested Divorce To Children

It’s normal for couples not to agree on some or all the issues of their divorce. This makes the process very complicated. And without legal counsel, the process takes longer and becomes more expensive. When children get involved in their parent’s marital conflict, it’s not doubt that they are psychologically affected. Psychologists suggest that children whose parents have had contested divorces are prone to:

  • Poor grades in school
  • Have high rates of clinical depression
  • Struggle with accepting others, and this could be reflected in having lower trust in future relationships.
  • Children who have been affected by divorce can have the same experience even when they are adults.

Will I Win Child Custody In a Contested Divorce?

One main question that comes along in a contested divorce is whether a parent can win child custody amidst the arguments. The truth is that no one has control over how the case may unfold. It becomes hard in such a case since kids may have lost trust in both parents, and custody rights can be denied to both of them. However, what seems an uphill battle becomes easy if you retain a lawyer. An experienced lawyer can guide you on what to do to convince the judge that you’re concerned with the best interest of your child. Winning a child custody battle in a contested divorce requires experience since neither party is willing to compromise. It would help if you face the court with a solid plan of action to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Though governed by the Canadian Divorce Act, each province or territory has its own rules. That’s why it’s not advisable to try to represent yourself in a divorce case.

Talk To A Seasoned Lawyer

If you think your divorce will impact your child’s health, the best way to handle such a situation would be to learn how to communicate with your kid in matters related to your divorce. If this doesn’t seem to bear fruits, you need to turn to your divorce lawyer and discuss the issue. Dealing with a contested divorce where children are involved is no easy. It requires someone who has handled such cases before. A contested divorce lawyer will offer advice about your rights and responsibilities.


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