A Lawyer’s Role in Mediation

An option available to divorcing parties is mediation. Such an option is more likely to go smoothly when each spouse has a legal advisor. A legal adviser is a lawyer who is willing to consult with you as a part of the mediation process. This article will discuss divorce mediation and legal advisors roles in the mediation proceedings and process.

In recent times divorcing couples have started to turn to mediation and as a result this has lessened the need for traditional consulting lawyers. However, this has resulted in the increased need of a legal adviser who is willing to consult with the divorcing spouse as an integral part of the mediation process. Therefore, it is very common for many divorce lawyers to become mediators and the same lawyers are happy to work as consulting lawyers on cases that do not require mediation.

Child Support in Ontario

Child Support in Ontario


When parents no longer continue to reside with each other, an arrangement is usually made in terms of which  parent the children may live with and for how long. Usually  the parent with which the children reside most of time is entitled to obtain from the other parent expenses relating to raising the children. This is called child support.


Uncontested Divorce in Ontario

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When filing an uncontested divorce in Ontario, there are two types of uncontested cases:

Uncontested Sole Divorce: When both spouses are in agreement about the divorce and do not oppose the divorce, either the husband or wife files the divorce papers with the court asking for the divorce. Once the papers are filed with the court, your spouse is served with the divorce papers. Your spouse then has 30 days to contest or challenge the divorce, or make a claim such as for support, property, custody, etc. If your spouse does not challenge the divorce within the required period, the divorce will proceed as “uncontested” and will be finalized by the Ontario court.