Do I Need To Notarize Our Mediated Agreement?

Mediated Agreement

Mediated Agreement

Any mediator is called upon to promote fairness in divorcing couples. When he/she helps them reach an agreement, they write their terms and conditions to minimize any conflict that may arise in the future. One common question is either one can have their mediated agreement notarized.

Though there is no legal requirement that a mediated agreement be notarized, having a notary public in Toronto would ensure that the agreement is legally enforceable; the reason is that one party may one day decide to dispute an agreement to which they signed. In this way, if the agreement were notarized, this would help a great deal.

Times When You Need Notarization Service For Document Authentication 

Notarization Service For Document Authentication

Notarization Service

When it comes to legal documents, it is recommended to think before submitting it. A legal proceeding is a lengthy and stressful activity; that’s why every step must be followed to avoid delays and other hassles. Many essential documents in a person’s life need to be notarized. Notary service is beneficial if you have any documents that need to be notarized by a lawyer or need to have the signature notarized.

In short, a notarized document is a document that has been certified by a notary public Toronto and ensures that every participant in the transaction is identified, willing, and capable to participate. If you are travelling without or with your parents, you need to consent from a travel document notarized. Many times individuals need to have one page or the entire passport be notarized by an authorized person.
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