Divorce Paperwork Package
Flat Price
We complete your divorce paperwork Only. You will also pay $632 Court Fees when you file the paperwork in court.
Initial Divorce Consult Included
Complete Paperwork Included
Court Processing Not Included
Court Visits Not Included
Serving Spouse Not Included
Final Divorce Order Not Included
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Optional 2 Payment Plan
Per Month
Taxes and Government fee of $669.00 Extra unless you qualify for a court fee waiver.
1st Payment - divorce Started
2nd Payment - within 30 Days
Divorce filed
Divorce Completed!
All Clients Qualify
Quick, Simple & Affordable
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Divorce Opinion Letter
Flat Fee
Completed For You By Our Ontario Family Lawyer
Initial Consultation Included
Case Evaluation Included
Completion of Letter Included
Free Revisions Included
Application Instructions Included
Same Day Service Included
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Separation Agreement
Starting At
Simple Agreement Completed by our Ontario Lawyer
Initial Consultation included
Complete Drafting included
Complete waivers included
Revisions/Edits included
Filing with Divorce included
Notarized Agreement included
Contact Us Immediately
Property Transfer
Flat Fee
Transferring Property According To Separation Agreement?
Initial Consultation Included
Review of Agreement Included
Complete Paperwork Included
Legal Advice Included
Register Title Transfer Included
Transfer Confirmation Included
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Aru S
Aru S
OmG i cant thank Christine and her team more for my case... which seemed impossible for me to take place, and I tried many years, and it was made possible by them, thoroughly with every paperwork shared to me and every stage explained, upto receiving the certificate in my hand!! I most highly recommed the team for being crystal clear in the process and updating at each and every stage with empathy and being considerate with their time in explaining the process with so much patience!! They offered me affordable price which I could not believe and the process so smooth I am thankful so much for their efforts in making my case complete and more
hoyo M.
hoyo M.
I am very grateful for how quickly and professionally you... handled the divorce. Special thanks to Christine and Mina for their support and encouragementYouread more
Ted L.
Ted L.
Simple and straight forward.But we did have the separation... agreement done more
Rajni S.
Rajni S.
Excellent Service!! Provided by BlueTown Layers. I have no... idea from where I shall began. Special shout out to Christine and Mina, who were there to answer my all queries and always there via calls or emails. Fully and Highly recommend BLUE TOWNS more
Christopher S.
Christopher S.
I would whole-heartedly recommend Bluetown Law / Divorce Go... to anyone interested in a simple un-contested divorce. I was skeptical at first because of the anxiety dealing with such stressful subject. However, after speaking with Christine & Mina my concerns were addressed and I was educated on the procedures and what to expect. The costing was acceptable considering the alternative and the team was professional. I am glad to report it went well and I am very satisfied with the outcome and services provided.Thank you Bluetown Law teamread more

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Quick Ontario Divorce Process

These are the general steps required to process a divorce in Ontario. Don't worry, we take care of the entire process.

1. Contact Us

Contact us to set-up your free consultation at our firm. Our lawyer will assess your case and answer your questions.

4. Serving Spouse

If you are filing a sole divorce, we will serve the court-stamped divorce documents on your spouse by regular mail and prepare the Affidavit of Service.

7. Divorce Judgment

An Ontario Superior Court Judge will decide whether to grant your divorce based on the information and paperwork that is filed.

2. Information Exchange

If you are ready to start the same day, we will ask you some questions and you will provide information.

5. Affidavit of Divorce

Once your spouse is served and the necessary period has lapsed, we will commission your affidavit of divorce and prepare it for court.

8. Final Divorce

Your divorce will take affect 31 days after the judge grants the divorce and signs the divorce order. At that time, you are legally divorced in Ontario.

3. Court Filing

Within a couple of days, we will file your divorce application and start your case at the Superior Court.

6. Second Court Filing

We will prepare the remaining documents, including the divorce order, and file them together with your affidavit of divorce at the courthouse.

9. Our Promise

We are committed to providing you quick and affordable service. We are upfront about the process and our total fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 90 % of divorce cases proceed as “uncontested” matters. If you are only claiming for divorce (and not support, custody, the division of property), you can use our service and proceed with a simple divorce. If at some point, your case gets contested, you will have to retain our Lawyer or another Family Lawyer to proceed.

The time frame to have the court grant your divorce depends on a number of factors including where your partner resides, which court you are filing in, and whether you file a sole or joint divorce. However, as a general time frame, it usually takes 2 to 4 months to complete the divorce process.

Our Law Firm offers a competitive rate for this service. Our Flat-Fee for this service is $850. This includes the initial consultation, drafting all the legal documents, three trips to the court, commissioning of all Affidavits, serving your spouse by mail, making all the filings, court correspondence in case questions arise, and your final divorce order. Please visit our pricing page for more information.

Yes! Our firm will assist in either locating your partner or we will need to ask the court to grant your divorce without having to notify your partner. This process is called a “motion” in court. We will explain this process in detail when we talk to you.

Yes! As long as you and your partner are in agreement about the terms of the divorce, and child support is either being paid or is being arranged, you may use our service to file for a simple divorce.

Although a separation agreement is not mandatory, it is always better if you and your spouse can agree on how to settle the issues between you. Using the court to decide these issues can be extremely expensive and time consuming. Signing a separation agreement can save you from the hassle of court proceedings. For more information about the separation agreement process, please visit our page here.

You will not have to attend court at any point during your proceedings. Our divorce fee covers the entire process. This means that we will make the necessary court trips for filing and correspondence with the court.

If you are filing a joint divorce, both you and your partner sign the documents. This application is quick and simple. If you are filing a sole divorce, your partner will be served with the divorce documents. In any case, if your partner is not willing to sign the papers, you can still proceed with divorce.

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