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Thank you for submitting our contact form. We will review your question/request and reply very shortly. If you provided your phone number, we will try calling you before we send an email. Please be advised that information provided by us is not a substitute for legal advice. Our Divorce Lawyer will review your case and provide you with legal advice, if required, at your Free Consultation.

In the meantime, here is some helpful information regarding the divorce process in Ontario:

Timing: The simple divorce process in Ontario usually takes 2-4 months to complete. Please note that filing a “joint divorce” may be faster than if you file a “sole divorce.”

Cost: Our firm offers a flat-rate fee option for simple divorce cases, starting from $450 for the paperwork alone. The government court fee in Ontario is currently $632. This fee is paid in two separate payments of $212 and $420 during the different steps involved.

Court Fee Waiver: You may be eligible to waive the above government court fee of $632. This is based on your income and circumstances. We automatically assess each applicant for this waiver and will let you know if you qualify.

Who can use our service: Over 90% of divorce cases in Ontario are “uncontested” matters. This means that both parties agree that they want to be legally separated and divorced. If you are only asking the court for a divorce (not custody, support, division of property), then you can use our service.

What if I have children: You can file for a simple divorce even if you have children. In your Affidavit of Divorce,we will need explain who is financially responsible for the well-being of the children.

I can’t find my spouse: You can file for a simple divorce even if you are not aware of your spouse’s whereabouts. We will likely have to bring a motion in court asking the judge to dispense with service.

We hope you have found this information helpful. We will be in touch shortly.

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