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Divorce Paperwork Package
We complete your divorce paperwork Only. You will also pay $447 Court Fees when you file the paperwork in court.
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Complete Paperwork Included
Court Processing Not Included
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Serving Spouse Not Included
Final Divorce Order Not Included
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We offer our customers an easy payment plan with our complete divorce package. 3 payments of $280.
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5-Star Rating on Google

Super happy we found this firm!!! I had started the divorce process on my own a few years back. There was so much red tape because of the complexity of my former marriage and I was super stressed out from the process. Once I called and met Mina, who's the most professional, proficient, knowledgeable and personable lady. She answered all my questions and gave me solid and accurate advice. From the moment we met with her to the end, I knew I'd made the right choice. It was over in 1 month tops!!. Mina said it may take a few months and I was super shocked to get my divorce order in such a short time. Divorce Go made this process very easy for me and I will strongly recommend this firm and Mina to anyone who's looking for a reliable and trustworthy firm. The fee wasn't bad either. They're very reasonable for the work they do. A huge THANK YOU Mina for all your help. You're the sweetest and was very compassionate ūüėö!!! You treated me like a human being and with respect. I simply can't thank you enough... Thank you again. May God continually bless you Mina and the rest of the Divorce Go teamūüėá.With warm regards, Sherine
Sherine Thompson
Sherine Thompson
04:07 29 Oct 17
I had the pleasure of dealing with Mina Abrahimi, she was very professional, helpful, always answered / called back and addressed all my concerns. I highly recommend this firm and can't be happier with the amazing service they provided. Thank you for making the best out of a stressful situation
Sawssen Habaili
Sawssen Habaili
17:37 26 Feb 18
hi my name is hamid and i worked whit mina and she is the best she made my life very easy and i was very happy to work whit her and her office . well all the best to you mina and thank you agine and happy new year to you .
Jesse Ash
Jesse Ash
21:21 25 Mar 18
As a new law clerk at the time, he was helpful in giving me the ins and outs of the legal process, with care and patience. The location is easy to find, they provide professional service, and work is done in a timely manner. It is worth looking into his services!
Mamuna Sarwar
Mamuna Sarwar
20:29 18 Mar 18
Quick service for certifying my documents. Staff here are friendly and professional. Would highly recommend!
Stephanie Leung
Stephanie Leung
22:52 28 Mar 18
I highly recommend Bluetown Law to others based on my experience as a client. Mina Abrahimi one of the employees of this firm displayed excellent professional skills in settling my case and getting all necessary papers for me in shortest time possible.
marina kozyreva
marina kozyreva
03:01 04 Apr 18
I would recommend anyone who is looking for an excellent divorce lawyer to give divorce go team a try. The service that I received at divorce go was done in a very professional and timely manner. I am very happy now divorce go team handle my case.
Ravi Ramprasad
Ravi Ramprasad
04:07 16 Apr 18
very good service. staffs are friendly. they handle all paperworks and it's quick and quiet.
Ding Zhu
Ding Zhu
20:00 04 May 18
Super easy to get my foreign divorce opinion letter. Recommend for quick and easy service.
Craig Marsh
Craig Marsh
17:18 19 May 18
My experience was very pleasant and understanding. Extremely professional and able to answer all questions about the process. I highly recommend.
Margie Stuart-Hoover
Margie Stuart-Hoover
13:58 29 May 18
Divorce Go is definitely the way to go. My experience with this law firm was nothing short of excellence. Barrister Bajwa, very pleasant and Mina, very pleasant , helpful and always with a smile. Will highly recommend Divorce Go .
Cecilia akyeampong
Cecilia akyeampong
19:20 29 May 18
Very professional had my opinion letter done here and was accepted . Also very quick and efficient you can wait and get your opinion letter The same time .
Fadil Ahmad
Fadil Ahmad
17:42 02 Jun 18
Getting a divorce is never easy or pleasant but when you have the right professionals on your side helping you navigate the complex legalese you can feel hopeful about the future.Mina at Bluetown Law is one those professionals I would highly recommend to anyone.
J. P. Montpellier
J. P. Montpellier
03:55 07 Jun 18
Divorce GO did an amazing job and very affordable! Mina was fantastic! She was very detailed and made sure we understood everything. I would say everything went very smoothly especially the circumstance that we were in. I'm glad I chose them.
b tran
b tran
20:21 08 Jun 18
I was very happy that I found them. Customer service is very good. Very proffessional and decent fee. Mina especially is Amazing!! She is very knowledgeable. Office location is walking distance from Yonge-Shepphard subway. Highly recommend!
02:45 14 Jun 18
Dealing with Mina and Numan, has been such a great pleasure. Both are very warm, considerate and extremely professional. I highly recommend this firm! 10/10. It is truly a delight when your lawyer/Law clerk are there for you no matter what and always available. I thank you both. Josie
Josie Stanoulis
Josie Stanoulis
17:00 28 Jun 18
Excellent Service, Divorce Go made the process of a simple joint divorce GO without a hitch. Divorce was granted and documentation received in 3-4 months. Divorce made easy, Divorce Go employees were knowledgable, friendly, and direct. Highly recommended.Thank you, Divorce GO!
Brad Kovacs
Brad Kovacs
17:30 03 Jul 18
Divorce go dealt my situation like a pro.Especially Mina, she is so warm and friendly. Done my simple joint divorce in 4 months without a hitch. Great job guys n I really thank u from bottom of my heart. I truely recommend Divorce Go.
Anil Gudivada
Anil Gudivada
02:10 11 Jul 18
Mina A. did an amazing job very quickly. She is very organized and very professional. I highly recommend Mina's service.
larisa ostiguy
larisa ostiguy
20:07 11 Jul 18
I received amazing support and highly recommend meeting with this team if you have any questions or need help with your situation. They were knowledgeable, professional and very pleasant.
Catherine Glover
Catherine Glover
16:03 19 Jul 18
Very friendly. Staff explain all the details step by step so there is no surprises. Fast and efficient.
Fatima Brunning
Fatima Brunning
04:31 08 Aug 18
Excellent! Mina was very professional, pleasant, and efficient. We were very pleased with how quick and easy she made this process for us. I highly recommend Bluetown Law.
Marcia L McKenna
Marcia L McKenna
19:54 10 Aug 18
you will not be disappointed! The right amount of legal help for the right price! I worked with Numan for both my real estate and my divorce and have already recommended him. Mina is a wonderful assistant also, super helpful and friendly!
Dee Psaila
Dee Psaila
17:59 24 Aug 18
The service was super! Super friendly lawyer and super fast service. Highly recommend!
zoya Aquil
zoya Aquil
21:04 24 Aug 18
Mina was helpful and professional in helping with the divorce . She was fair, honest and took the time to explain what we were dealing with. Highly recommend Mina Abrahimi if you are in the market for a good divorce lawyer.
Kyle Coulson
Kyle Coulson
20:37 02 Sep 18
Divorce is always difficult. I hesitated to do this for a long time fearing the hassle. Once I decided to move forward, my search led me to Bluetown and with skepticism, I decided to use this firm. Everything was exactly as I was advised, the process was painless and my divorce was completed within the time advised by the firm and without any hassle. I would recommend this firm without hesitation. Thanks Bluetown
Sharon Steele
Sharon Steele
05:33 14 Oct 18
Hassle free service. My case was taken care of with in depth assistance. The office makes sure you dont have to worry about filing and getting into the hassles of courts cases yourself. Very professional team who takes care of customers and excellent support team.
22:45 19 Oct 18
Their service is amazing. Perfect for very busy and working professionals. Hassle free, fair prices, friendly people to work with. They are knowledgeable and professional but friendly. Mina is always very helpful and nice.
Eva Morillo
Eva Morillo
18:31 25 Oct 18
My experience was excellent. Mina is very professional and knowledgable and was able to handle my legal matter quickly and efficiently. I am very happy that I used their services.
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis
21:14 27 Oct 18
My experience wth Bluetown law was great. Extremely professional and understanding during the entire divorce process. I highly recommend this place for anyone that needs affordable and hassle-free divorce services.
Adonis Charles-Barnes
Adonis Charles-Barnes
21:46 24 Nov 18
My experience wth Bluetown law was great. Extremely professional and understanding during the entire divorce process.Dealing with Mina has been such a great pleasure and considerate and extremely professional. I highly recommend this firm to anyone that needs affordable services
adnane metouilli
adnane metouilli
21:10 27 Nov 18
The bluetown lawyers is simple the best. They help me with my divorce case this year. I am so happy that i receive my divorce real fast. The blue town lawyers has the best service in Ontario because they all work together ensuring their client feel comfortable. My divorce was simple divorce, i am surprise i got it real fast. I am so happy with their service.Thank you so much.From Kozel
Danielle Williams
Danielle Williams
13:34 05 Dec 18

How To Start The Divorce Process

Our Family Law Firm Offers Many Options To Get The Divorce Process Started

Phone Consultation

Get a Free phone consultation. Simply call us during office hours and we will be happy to answer your questions, tell you about the divorce process, and book your free divorce consultation.

Online Application

Submit your details online in 10 minutes. You do not have to pay for this service. Once we receive your application, we will briefly contact you to confirm the details and get the divorce process started.

Send Text Message

Send us a quick text to the number below to book your free divorce consultation and we will confirm the appointment asap. Please note that this text service is only used for booking appointments.

Book Appointment

You can book your appointment online by filling out the red form above. Once we receive your request, we send you some helpful information and confirm your appointment within 24 hours.

Quick Milton Divorce Process

These are the general steps required to process a divorce in Ontario. Don't worry, we take care of the entire process.

1. Contact Us

Contact us to set-up your free consultation at our firm. Our lawyer will assess your case and answer your questions.

4. Serving Spouse

If you are filing a sole divorce, we will serve the court-stamped divorce documents on your spouse by regular mail and prepare the Affidavit of Service.

7. Divorce Judgment

An Ontario Superior Court Judge will decide whether to grant your divorce based on the information and paperwork that is filed.

2. Information Exchange

If you are ready to start the same day, we will ask you some questions and you will provide information.

5. Affidavit of Divorce

Once your spouse is served and the necessary period has lapsed, we will commission your affidavit of divorce and prepare it for court.

8. Final Divorce

Your divorce will take affect 31 days after the judge grants the divorce and signs the divorce order. At that time, you are legally divorced in Ontario.

3. Court Filing

Within a couple of days, we will file your divorce application and start your case at the Superior Court.

6. Second Court Filing

We will prepare the remaining documents, including the divorce order, and file them together with your affidavit of divorce at the courthouse.

Our Promise

We are committed to providing you quick and affordable service. We are upfront about the process and our total fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 90 % of¬†divorce cases proceed as “uncontested” matters. If you are only claiming for divorce (and not support, custody, the division of property), you can use our service and proceed with a simple divorce. If at some point, your case gets contested, you will have to retain our Lawyer or another Family Lawyer to proceed.

The time frame to have the court grant your divorce depends on a number of factors including where your partner resides, which court you are filing in, and whether you file a sole or joint divorce. However, as a general time frame, it usually takes 2 to 4 months to complete the divorce process.

Our Law Firm offers a competitive rate for this service. Our Flat-Fee for this service is $850. This includes the initial consultation, drafting all the legal documents, three trips to the court, commissioning of all Affidavits, serving your spouse by mail, making all the filings, court correspondence in case questions arise, and your final divorce order. Please visit our pricing page for more information.

Yes! Our firm will assist in either locating your partner or we will need to ask the court to grant your divorce without having to notify your partner. This process is called a “motion” in court. We will explain this process in detail when we talk to you.

Yes! As long as you and your partner are in agreement about the terms of the divorce, and child support is either being paid or is being arranged, you may use our service to file for a simple divorce.

Although a separation agreement is not mandatory, it is always better if you and your spouse can agree on how to settle the issues between you. Using the court to decide these issues can be extremely expensive and time consuming. Signing a separation agreement can save you from the hassle of court proceedings. For more information about the separation agreement process, please visit our page here.

You will not have to attend court at any point during your proceedings. Our divorce fee covers the entire process. This means that we will make the necessary court trips for filing and correspondence with the court.

If you are filing a joint divorce, both you and your partner sign the documents. This application is quick and simple. If you are filing a sole divorce, your partner will be served with the divorce documents. In any case, if your partner is not willing to sign the papers, you can still proceed with divorce.

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